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Free Complete First Reading By Phone! I Heal Situations When Others Can’t! 305-879-7243




Know the truth now. Get clear, pointed answers with straight talk and no drama. I heal hearts and guide relationships. Ask for the answer! I […]

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  • Is Your Featured Slider Image Having Pr...

    by on 10/18/2016 - Comments Off on Is Your Featured Slider Image Having Problems?

    Are you having problems with your image on our slider? You’re not the only one. We’ve had several images on the slider with heads cut off. We don’t want you to suffer with a cut off head! Email support@psychicclassifieds.com and ask us to help you with your picture. We’ll help you with your image free of […]

  • The Subconscious and Psychic Dreams

    by on 10/15/2016 - Comments Off on The Subconscious and Psychic Dreams

    Everyone has experienced it. Everyone has experienced dreams so powerful that they remember them all day, and then are surprised when events from the dream materialize in reality. This is called a psychic dream. Psychic dreams are not the things of fantasy; they are matters of truth related to the mental capabilities and the subconscious […]

  • Types Of Psychic Readings

    by on 08/20/2016 - Comments Off on Types Of Psychic Readings

    When you contact a psychic, you might be overwhelmed by the different types of readings that they offer. Getting a general idea about the basics of each reading will help make your session with a psychic much more enjoyable. A tarot card reading is one of the most popular types of psychic readings. During a […]

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