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Spirit Dismissal

Odd spirit activity in your home but no one you know should be there? It’s possible, if you have just moved in and having activity...
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$5.55 min

No tools fast paced readings

Hi! I Am having a sale on my readings. For a limited time only, I Am offering phone readings for only $5.55 a minute. Or..
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Distance Psychic Healing

A compassionate, powerful and internationally known psychic healer is here for you! Distance is no barrier to receive healing energies. I do chakra healing, Aura..
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Want to know how he/she really feels??

Miss Geneva, your on call psychic & Spiritual Advisor is passionately at service to you! Want to know his or her true intent?? Miss Geneva..
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Distance Home Clearing

Every home has an energy field. Inside this field can contain negative energy. When the amount of negative energy gets too high it influences negative..
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7 Core Chakra Balance

Do you have pain in your back or body after a stressful day or week? Do you feel grounded? Do you feel your emotional and..
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Distance Parasite Cord Cutting

Do you keep thinking of your ex? Do you know anyone personally male or female that is negative, creepy, jealous, or of similar behavior. This..
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Psychic Kate Hall

Kate Hall Where Making Two Become One Is A Beautiful Reality. (917)-810-8700 New and Old Relationships Flirting and Attraction Make Them Chase You Reunite..
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$10 is a list of psychics especially professional in soulmate guidance. Breakups, difficult and complicated relationships and future predictions in helping lead and guide you..
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The Mystic Oracle

Use your own psychic energy to answer questions about your past, present, and future. Like
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£25.00 (GBP)

Kaz Psychic cares because You matter

Kaz Psychic cares because You matter Kaz is a clairvoyant psychic specializing in love & love relationships, expert in remote influencing & remote viewing on..
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Psychic Medium Regina Byrnes

Regina is a world renown Medium who has been communicating with spirit since she was a small child. If you are looking to hear from..
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