Banned Psychics

This is the site’s Wall of Shame. We were reluctant to create a Wall of Shame but it was necessary. Psychics listed here have been banned from the site and their ads have been removed. Please do not try to contact them for services and don’t send them any money. If you feel like you’re being scammed–stop what you’re doing–don’t send any money, and let us know through our email (you can also use our contact form).

The people below have been contacted and no resolution could be made between the client and the ad poster. We don’t maliciously put people on this page. We’ve done our best to contact them (some have not contacted us back) to get both sides of the story. We’ve also tried to get the client’s money (if any) returned. If we fail to get a response or a refund for our clients, they get posted here, are banned from the site. Also, psychic’s ads are removed.

Don’t end up here psychics! Read our Rules and Guidelines before your advertise and sell on our site.


Please do not contact this psychic. She is from Serbia and has violated our Rules and Guidelines. No username was given by this psychic and she only went by the email address above though her real name is Ljubica Nikolac. She was contacted by a client with WhatsApp and claimed to be able to pick lottery numbers for the client. This was the service he requested. After the client on our site agreed to her price, he sent $100 Western Union and never received even a consultation.

The ad was titled: “UNIQUE AND ORIGINAL PSYCHIC AND WHITE MAGIC Practitioner from Transylvania” listed under the Magic category.

Please don’t contact this psychic through our site and don’t send her any money. Her user account has been deactivated and her ads have been taken down as of October 2018.

We always say on the site beware of people claiming to be able to predict events and being able to come up with concrete information. Facts just aren’t easy to predict and even seasoned psychics won’t say that they can do it.

If you see or hear anything about this psychic trying to get money from you, report the ad and/or contact support.

Ali from Cameroon

Please do not contact this psychic. His account has been closed for violating our Rules and Guidelines. He got $149 out of client on the site via Western Union. When a customer contacted via WhatsApp as his ad said, he refused to give the services he offered. He also refused to return the clients money. His account on our site has been closed and ads removed. He used the email address so if you’re contacted or find his services beware. Don’t send him any money unless you’re sure he will give you the spiritual guidance he offers. In this client’s situation he didn’t provide the spiritual guidance and wouldn’t refund the money, stating that he’d spent the money already.

He’s been told he can’t return to the site until he refunds the customer’s $149. He understood this and said he would try to make it up to him. He’s blocked and banned from the site until he refunds the customer’s money.