Clearing Negative Energies from Energy Fields.


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  • Energy fields are everywhere.
  • Your home may appear clean and bright however the energy fabric can tell a different story which can affect each person on a unique level.
  • When negative energy is attracted to each field over time certain negative sensations can be sensed.
  • If these emotions & sensations are present but only while you’re in your home or business: headaches, nausea, depression, bad thoughts, conflict, rage and animosity between family or coworkers.
  • When you leave things relax and return to a calm but if you return the problems start again like a loop.
  •  Negative energy maybe the culprit.
  • In addition to your home, your vehicle, church, community center, fire department, place you work all have energy fields which can accumulate negative energy (particles) and affect everything and everyone present.
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