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What concerns you Dear One?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stuck, angry or out of alignment?
Grief of a deceased loved one or pet and need closure!
A relationship ended yet, you can’t let go!


A1: Guide on Clearing of Negative Energy Fields (work + home + self).
A1: Supernatural Removal (Non-physical Etheric Beings * Entities).
A1: Communicating with Departed Animals, Relatives, and Relationships.
A1: Learn to work with Crystals.

A1: All sessions are done by phone or zoom video conferencing.

Pricing depends on what type of service you require.

A1: Group Rates Available.
A1: 100% Satisfaction.

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Contact Phone404-946-8023
CountryUnited States
Zip/Post Code30342

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Introducing: the Awakened1

I am Metaphysical, Clairvoyant, Intuitive, Telepathic, In-tuned w/Nature, Animals, Healer, Empathic, Inter-dimensional-Being, Precognitive and Self-aware. I've been providing Reading's for the last 10+ years. My abilities, and gifts spawns from my Jamaican/Cuban/Indian lineage; my grandmother was a high-esteemed E5 (HighˈSHāmən); which has been passed down through my soul's contract.

I specialize in:

Ź:  Communicating with departed Animals, Relatives, and Relationships.

Ź:   Help set up Ancestor's Altar.

Ź:   Learn to work with Crystals.

Ź:   Guide on Clearing of Negative Energy (Self + Home + Work)

What concerns you Dear One?

Ź:   What's your Life's purpose for coming here at this time?

Ź:   What do the Angel number's messages want you to know?

Ź:   Who are your Guides/Ancestors?

Ź:   Is your current relationship, your true Twin Flame?

Ź:   Who is your Animal Totem?

Please be advised:

I DO NOT CAST SPELLS AGAINST ANYONE! I give Light, not take it. I do provide positive Incantations (love , career$ money $, blockages, etc...).


Ź:   All sessions are done by phone or zoom video conferencing.

Ź:   I am LGBTQ2S+ friendly.

Rate + Payment:

Pricing depends on what type of service you require. Email me with specific details for your PERSONALIZED quote.

Ź:  Payments: paypal, venmo, usdt/eth or zelle.

Ź:  Sessions are not rushed! I AM here for service to you! I offer 24/7  Services with Advance Bookings.

Ź:  No Restricted Time Cap on Premium packages.

Ź:  FREE Consultation.

Ź:  Group Rates Available.

Ź:  100% Satisfaction.


Can provide taping of client's YouTube monthly podcasts with me as the "Special Guest" (monthly Readings).


You are so loved Namaste


Ź:   I am quick to respond and provide service to you!

Ź:   Including Weekends and ALL Holidays (** Additional Rate).

Few Reviews:

Dave 26 March 2023 I had my first reading and I had a recent situation on my job. Someone stole some items and the heat was on me . She was able to give the exact name of the person involved which turned out to be another co-worker. I never mentioned anyone's name and she was so accurate. I gave my suspicions to the detective and they later was able to arrest him. Words cannot tell you how she saved my job and my reputation. She read everything about me to the Tee, so scary how on point she is. I am very happy and will always use her. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JOEL 31 March 2023 I was referred by a friend who couldn't stop talking about the great experience she had for her own reading. I was a bit nervous but what a reading! I had spirits in a former house, and shared a photo of the house. She was able to see six what she calls disembodied spirits; whereas other psychics only saw one or two. I've always felt there was more than one but couldn't prove it. I couldn't share this with friends in fear what they might think, but boy she was dead on. I love how she doesn't rush her readings and stayed with me until I was completely done/satisfied.                                                                                                                                                            ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Wanda 20 March 2023 I have been using the Awakened1 for several years now, including my mother and sister also. During my first reading with her, she gave me two names: 1. Which she confirmed that a family member's baby father, was not the true biological dad (She eventually had the paternity test done and sure enough he wasn't the father). 2. During another session, she mentioned to me about a man I called my uncle my whole life. Turns out he’s my father. It was confirmed and I cried. I cried because during my entire life I was wondered who my father was. We both had a different outlook on life. We both have been more attentive towards each other ever since. Holidays and birthdays has been more enjoyable. The Awakened1, she was 100% correct again. I still can't believe how intuitive she was. Me and my family will continue to use her as our primary reader forever. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amoy 23 March 2023 My reading was very enlightening. The details in regards to the spirit and energy I was feeling in my home were very specific. She gave me names and locations that were not revealed by me. I was pleasantly surprised. I had an awesome experience.                                                                                                                                                                   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rhonda 20 Feb 2023 I have had several readings from Awakened1 and would hire her again. I was given information that I needed and still use today. It was very important to me and I could not hear what I needed until A1 helped me with clarity. Also, she gave guidance and instruction intuitively. A knowing on what I would benefit from hearing. I have not wanted to hear some info but in hindsight and reflection it is exactly what helped me to except my state of being. To become a better me. To have surety in myself. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chris 25 Feb 2023 She is amazing, and pays attention to detail when it comes to delivering the message that you might be looking for, or needing to hear. She truly amazes me every time, and my most amazing experience was seeing her working with a pendulum. I had never seen that before, and she allowed me to see how in tune she was with her work thru the pendulum. I would recommend her to anyone, as i can promise that the overall experience will be nothing short of amazing.