How much does it cost?
It’s just $10 to list your ad for a whole year. If you buy a membership for $25 you can list unlimited ads. You can feature your classified ad so it appears in the slider for an additional $25.

I see other ads with “FREE” or “CALL ME” in the price field. Can I customize my price?

Yes. You can enter what you charge, add a different currency symbol, write a words, or leave it blank. You can write FREE or CALL ME to spice up your ad. You can write anything you want!

I want to feature my classified ad. What do I get for $25?

Do you want everyone to see your classified ad every time they visit the website? Feature your ad and people will! It will be featured on the slider on the homepage for the life of the ad.

My classified ad expired. What do I do?

Relist your ad! It’s the same low price every time.

What if I’m having problems or I need a question answered?

Send us an email! Simply send an email to support@psychicclassifieds.com and we’ll fix any problems you may have.

I’m having trouble logging in. What am I doing wrong?

Use your email address or username to log in. Also, your password is case-sensitive. Make sure you are entering everything correctly. If all else fails, use your email address to log in it seems to work every time. If that doesn’t work contact us at support@psychicclassifieds.com and we’ll fix everything for you.

How do I get a refund for placing an ad?
We offer everyone a 100% money-back guarantee for any placed ad if you are not satisfied for any reason.

Please request a refund for a classified ad by email. Send an email to support@psychicclassifieds.com and include the following information:

  1. The email address you purchased the ad with
  2. The title of the ad (for instance–FOR SALE: Tarot Cards)
  3. The amount you paid for the ad
  4. When you purchased the ad

If you have several ads we may email you asking for more information (be ready with that information if we do need it).

IMPORTANT: We do not refund fees for readings by psychics on the site! If you want a refund for a reading YOU MUST contact the psychic!!! Refunds are for classified ads only.

How can I advertise on the Psychic Classifieds?
We offer several banner placements on our site. Send us message or email us at support@psychicclassifieds.com for more information.