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Pyramid of Seven

This healing comes from 14th dimensional energy. This healing works on the 7 Pyramids within your aura. Within the layers of each pyramid are 28..

Hearing voices?

Are you being driven crazy by anomaly level voices in your head? If you seek an alternative to ingesting pills and chemicals which may or..

Appetite issues?

Are you on a diet or trying to lose weight? Do you still get craves or have extreme appetite issues? This healing can help a..

Parasite Cord Cutting

Do you keep thinking of your ex? Do you know anyone personally male or female that is negative, creepy, jealous, or of similar behavior. This..

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★ The Psychic Spotlight ★

Ever year we have a competition to see which one of our psychics will be in the Psychic Spotlight! We have a short form to fill out with details about you, your business, and your specific talents. When we receive the submissions we choose the best one and feature the psychic and his or her business in our Psychic Spotlight. Every year--around February--we'll pick a new winner! Check back at the beginning of 2020 for a chance to be in The Psychic Spotlight on the Psychic Classifieds.
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★ Holly Joy ★ 2019 Winner ★

Holly Joy is our featured psychic in the Psychic Spotlight 2019! She has a fantastic website, does great readings, and has powerful psychic abilities. Holly is a Psychic Medium and dedicated Metaphysics student having graduated: Advanced Esoteric Studies, Advanced Mediumship, Angelology, and Reiki Energy Healing. Recently, after completing studies in world religions, Holly was initiated as an Ordained Minister. Besides offering Readings locally at her Traverse City studio and throughout Northern Michigan, she also services clients Worldwide by email and phone. For a Reading visit!
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