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DEADLINE EXTENDED TO DECEMBER 16TH Enter to win the Psychic Classified’s Psychic Spotlight Competition. This year, we’re awarding the winner $250 in classified ad credits to use on your ad listings, $250 in credits to use on the Free Psychic Directory, and lifetime membership so you can post unlimited ads for free forever. To enter, you need to send us your name and your psychic skills. You should include what sets you apart from other psychics. If you’re picked, you’ll get a bio in our Hall of Fame, bragging rights, and the gifts mentioned above. This year, you’ll also get free credits to upgrade your listing in the Free Psychic Directory, too.   Deadline for entries is November 1, 2022
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★ The 2021 Psychic Spotlight Winner Daniel Teague ★

My healing business works to help energy sensitive and empathic people. I can use psychic skills to identify negative energy anomalies in all energy fields including people, places and animals. There are no geographic boundaries. All of these negative anomalies can create sensations and visual distractions in a person’s life. All of these anomalies can be resolved 100% through intention work. All of my work is conducted via email, as a person types a message it is done with intention. This intention creates an energy field. This energy field is sent to me and I can use additional intentions to pull data from the field about the concerns. No phone or physical contact is ever needed. The only information needed is the person’s name, pet’s name, and home street name. This opened the door for international inquires as long as the person uses English for communicating.
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★ The 2020 Psychic Spotlight Winner That Tarot Girl ★

The Psychic Classifieds is proud to announce our 2020 Winner of the Psychic Spotlight Award. Her name is That Tarot Girl. We're honored to have her in our ranks an proud to name her the Psychic Spotlight winner of 2020.

Hi everyone! My name is That Tarot Girl, and I have been an Intuitive Spiritual Advisor for over 29 years. I began using my gifts by performing in-person readings for family and friends and then moved into phone readings. I have provided my services internationally online via email and live sessions, through various web sites and portals. I have done in-person readings in office, at clients homes and at events, and by appointments at a local metaphysical shoppe. In the past I have conducted ANGEL COMMUNICATION workshops and help people make their own connections to the spiritual world. I am a published author of a Self Help Book, YOU, ONLY BETTER. I help local groups with coping with deceased loved ones, and terminal illne…
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Has TV helped the Online Psychic Readings Industry? as well as many other psychic reading websites has proven that the internet is a viable venue for professional psychics to display their services and provide an obviously very lucrative service to the major players in the online psychic reading industry. With an increasing demand for high quality and affordable psychic advice rising daily smaller websites are finding it easier to break into this niche market and take psychic service promotions to the next level with a complete line of co branded services on the web. You will find that the fires of this rise in interest in the psychic readings niche has been fanned in part by the rise of popular TV shows that have really brought the paranormal and psychic ability into main stream American homes. These shows have really taken a lot of the taboo previously associated with psychics and turned them into heroic figures solving mysteries, crimes as well as helping those in need with their psychic abilities. You may be…
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The Subconscious and Psychic Dreams

Everyone has experienced it. Everyone has experienced dreams so powerful that they remember them all day, and then are surprised when events from the dream materialize in reality. This is called a psychic dream. Psychic dreams are not the things of fantasy; they are matters of truth related to the mental capabilities and the subconscious aspects of the mind. The subconscious mind is always working in ways that one does not normally think about. These ways include the interpretation of symbols, the remembering of obscure information that does not seem to be related to anything, and the dreaming at night. Dreams are often used as a manner for the subconscious to communicate with the conscious mind. Psychic dreams are the dreams that are powerful messages from the subconscious to the conscious that indicate an event that should occur. The subconscious mind is an interesting, if complicated energy. This mind is working underneath the conscious mind. It takes in all of the inf…
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Types Of Psychic Readings

When you contact a psychic, you might be overwhelmed by the different types of readings that they offer. Getting a general idea about the basics of each reading will help make your session with a psychic much more enjoyable. A tarot card reading is one of the most popular types of psychic readings. During a tarot card reading, the psychic will ask you to focus your energy into the cards. The cards that come out and the position that they fall in will both affect your reading. The modern tarot cards that most psychics use is typically composed of twenty-two major arcane cards and fifty-six minor arcane cards. If you request an astrology reading, the psychic will use your date of birth to let you know the direction that your life is headed in. This type of reading gains its predictions from the placement of the planets and the stars. There are several different types of astrology that an astrologer can use. These types include Chinese astrology, Western astrology and Indian…
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