Psychic Miguel.

Hi I am psychic Miguel also know as a higher healer. In this world. Join me on the path to your new future of joy..
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Body Toxification Scan

Toxins exists everywhere, toxins are chemicals, synthetics, and heavy metals. Humans and animals ingest, absorb or inhale them and sometimes it’s installed such bone implants..
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$39 each

Integrated Energy Chakra groups

There are more Chakra groups that sit within the organs. More issues are being resolved by tapping into these Chakras from a distance with psychic..
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Distance Home Clearing

Every home has an energy field. Inside this field can contain negative energy. When the amount of negative energy gets too high it influences negative..
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The Mystic Oracle

Use your own psychic energy to answer questions about your past, present, and future. Like
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Past Life Scan and Healing

This scan is intended for people who are suffering greatly emotionally and mentally from guilt, betrayal, distrust, shame, threat, heartache, resentment, anger, fear but without..
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4.99 A MIN


~Get the answers & Guidance you need now!!~ I pride my self on giving accurate loving insight & guidance from Spirit to help you master..
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Hand chosen for their honesty, devotion, accuracy and amazing talent! You can feel safe knowing you are getting the best of the best when calling..
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99¢ per minute

99¢ per minute introductory offer

In 29 years, Looking Beyond Master Psychics has helped thousands of people through tough times in their lives, having provided comfort and support to people..
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